Civil Air Patrol

Wing Staff

Michigan Wing Staff Roster

Command Staff
Commander Col Curtis J. Boehmer
Vice Commander Lt Col Mark B. Woodruff
Chief of Staff Maj Tim R. Harwood
Wing Chief Master Sergeant CMSgt Henry C. Dotson
Wing Safety Officer
Director  Capt Richard Case
Assistant Safety Officer  Capt Alan Baumgartner
Assistant Safety Officer  CMSgt Henry C. Dotson
Wing Administrator
Wing Administrator Cheryl Magyar
Director Capt John Bowers
Asst. Administration Capt Roland Ashby
Aerospace Education
Director Capt Carol Samuelson
Assistant Director Lt Col Francisco J. Roldan
External Aerospace Officer Capt Mike Seiloff
Internal Aerospace Capt Jeff Burl
Cadet Programs
Director Maj Eric Scott
Assistant Director Lt Col James Matthews
Cadet Activities Officer Maj Mark Davalos
Assistant Cadet Activities Officer Lt Col Monica M. Burke
Assistant Cadet Activities Officer 1st Lt Alexandria Chavis
Cadet Programs Development Lt Col Patrick Gorman
DDR Administrator/DDRA Maj Jennifer Smith
CAC Advisor 1st Lt Chelsea Graham
Wing Chaplain Maj Lawrence L Vollink
Asst Wing Chaplain Maj Lang Yang
CISM Officer Lt Col Christine Rinn
Assistant CISM Officer Lt Col Monica M. Burke
Director Maj Shawn Wyant
Assistant DC Maj Rory Locke
Engineering Capt Andrew DeVries
Licensing Maj Chris Freytag
HF Primary Net Control Station Maj John B. Johnson
Counter Drug
Counter Drug Officer Maj David Hast
Asst. CD Officer Maj Michael Shoemaker
Asst. CD Officer 1st Lt  Gary Ebels
Asst. CD Officer Maj Sondra Davis
Asst. CD Officer Maj William Ohrt
Emergency Services
Director Maj Antonio C Gutierrez
Deputy Director
ES Officer Capt Maxwell R Onderik
Asst ES Officer
Asst ES Training Officer Lt Col Jason H. Sherwood
Asst ES Training Officer Maj Augustus Gettas
Asst ES Training Officer SM Kerry Bentivolio
Asst ES Training Officer Maj Gregory Lane
Disaster Prepardeness Officer Capt Keith Masserant
SAR Officer Capt Keith Masserant
Disaster Relief Officer Lt Col Leon A. Miller
VOAD Lt Col Christine Rinn
Director Maj Linda Moore
Asst Finance Officer Lt Col Jason H. Sherwood
Government Relations
Director Lt Col James Matthews
Health Services
Director Maj Jeff Kyff
Wing Historian Lt Col Virginia Przekaza
Homeland Security
Director Maj Mike Sandstrom
Homeland Security Officer NW Maj Larry St. George
Homeland Security Officer NE Maj James Mendham
Homeland Security Officer SE Capt Greg Lane
Information Technology
Director Maj Leo Benchich
Assistant Information Tech Officer Capt Luke Rondeau
Inspector General
Inspector General Col Gary Mayo
Assistant IG LtCol Michael Fultz
Assistant IG LtCol Robert Heine
Legal Officer Lt Col Stephen Tupper
Asst. Legal Officer SM Mike Ewing
Director Maj Shawn Wyant
Assistant Logistics Maj Rory Locke
Transportation Officer Maj Joseph Demars
Asst. Transportation Officer Capt Thomas G Hickmott
Licensing Officer Capt William Carson
Director Maj Richard P Thalmann
Deputy Director Operations Lt Col Richard A. Crepas
Assistant Director Operations Capt Mark Grant
Assistant Director Operations Lt Col Robert L. Heine
Assistant Director Operations Lt Col Chris Felton
Alerting Officer Lt Col Antonio C Gutierrez
Aircraft Maintenance Maj Stephen R Duquette
Flight Operations Maj Daniel Evans
Orientation Flight Coordinator Maj William Ohrt
Military Incentive Flt Coordinator Maj Jeff Wesley
Stan/Eval DOV Officer Lt Col Robert Heine
Asst. Stan & Eval Maj Alex Craig
Asst. Stan & Eval Maj Leslie Gallagher
Chief Check Pilot Maj Jeff Kyff
Military Special Operations Liaison, EADS Col Leo Burke
Director Capt Roland Ashby
Asst Personnel Officer Capt John Bowers
Asst Personnel Officer Maj Mark Davalos
Plans & Programs
Plans and Programs Officer Lt Col Steven Cassani
Assistant Plans and Programs Maj Mark Davalos
Professional Development
Director Lt Col Michael E Fultz
Asst Professional Development Lt Col Joseph A Balmas
Asst Professional Development CMSgt Henry Dotson
Asst Professional Development Maj Mark Davalos
Asst Professional Development Lt Col Jimmy Bunnell
Testing Officer Lt Col Michael E Fultz
Public Affairs
Public Affairs Officer Maj Robert Bowden
Asst Public Affairs Officer Capt Jessica DeAngelo
Asst Public Affairs Officer Capt Bill Carson
Web Master Maj Robert Bowden
E-Mail Admin Maj Leo Benchich
Recruiting & Retention
Recruiting & Retention Officer Maj Mark Davalos
Wing Development
Director Maj Frank Ross
Asst Wing Development Capt Mike Seiloff
Combined Federal Campaign Officer Maj Frank Ross
Wreaths Across America Officer Lt Col Pam Saile
Grants & Endowments Officer Capt Mike Seiloff
Project Officers (2016)
Michigan Wing Cadet Competition Maj Rick Honiss
Michigan Wing Conference Maj Josephine L. Hendrix
Michigan Wing SAR Academy Maj Steven P. Duffy
Michigan Wing Flight Academy Maj Robert Bowden
Michigan Wing Encampment Maj Rory Locke
Michigan Wing Academic Bowl 1st Lt Henry Vandenheuvel
Great Lakes Region Engineering Technology Academy Capt Jessica DeAngelo


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