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Q7: I need to write a CAP resume. How can I access my personnel records?

Q7: I need to write a CAP resume. How can I access my personnel records?
All members are encouraged to keep a copy of their unit personnel file at home, either electronic or hard copy. Do not place any original certificates in the file, but photocopies of training certificates may be kept in the unit file. Some units are using “cloud” storage services such as Google, Office 365, Dropbox, TexCom and others where the folders for each member are shared only with the member and the unit officer responsible. This makes paper copies obsolete and is a handy method of keeping your file current.
CAP Regulation 39-2, dated 9 January 2017, Section B – Personnel Records states:
 Active Records.  The member’s unit of assignment maintains personnel records.  Personnel files maintained locally may be traditional paper files or electronic files created at the unit. Normally, the unit personnel officer is responsible for this duty; however, this duty may be delegated to the unit administrative officer, or in the case of active member records, to the professional development officer, at the discretion of the unit commander.  Many achievements/training are recorded in the member’s online membership record available for review through the eServices section of the CAP website.  Units may use this information to supplement the information maintained in the local file at the unit level.  At this time, the eServices online record cannot be used as the only personnel file since all information concerning the member is not currently tracked online.  Those items recorded in eServices are not required to be entered in the local personnel file.  Any items not recorded in eServices or additional information pertaining to the member’s service and performance that should be retained should be made a part of the local personnel records.  Regardless of who maintains the personnel file, the professional development officer remains responsible for recording professional development training as prescribed in CAPR 50-17.  Note: CAPF 25, Personnel Data Card, which is now obsolete and no longer available may be filed with the CAPF 45 for active members who were in the program prior to development of the Form 45.  Previous editions of CAPF 45 may also continue to be used.  Do not transcribe information from the older CAPFs 45/45a or 45b just for the sake of updating the newer CAPF45.  Personnel files should be protected and remain in the custody of CAP at all times.  Members should be granted regular access to their records at reasonable times during normal unit meetings, in addition to such other times as may be agreed to between the member and the record’s custodian.
 Inactive Records.  Members who transfer, resign, retire or fail to renew may request their membership records from the unit.  The unit should keep a copy of the former member’s personnel record in the inactive file.  Members whose membership is not renewed or terminated may request a copy of their membership records from the unit; however, the unit will retain the original documents. Records not requested by former members will be removed from the unit’s active file and arranged alphabetically in an inactive file.  The unit is required to retain records of former members for five years, in a secure and protected manner, unless otherwise directed by Personnel and Member Actions (CAP/DP).  If not requested after the fifth year, records will be destroyed.
CAP Regulation 10-2 Files Maintenance and Record Disposition, dated 16 February 2011,Table 11, Rule 2 states that Personnel Records maintained by the unit may include:
CAP seniors (e.g., CAPFs  2, 2a, 12, 12a, 45) and/or CAP cadets (e.g., CAPFs 2, 2a, 7, 15, 31, 50-series, 52-series, 66, 77, 95, 120).
Cut off  when membership  expires or transfers and destroy after 5 years.
As for writing a resume, there are several templates available on line. Using any of the internet search tools available, search for “resume template” and browse through the returns.
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