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Q9: I would like to nominate someone for an award. How do I do that?

Q9: I would like to nominate someone for an award. How do I do that?
There are two basic categories of awards; one that is presented with both a certificate and a ribbon and one that is presented with a certificate, plaque or trophy and no ribbon.
CAP Regulation 39-3 Award of CAP Medals, Ribbons and Certificates dated 28 December 2012 states:
1. Why Awards Are Made.  CAP awards are designed to recognize heroism, service and program achievements.  Prompt recognition through presentation of awards earned will promote esprit de corps.      {Recognition delayed is recognition denied.}
2. CAP Awards.
Section B – Decorations
Section C – Cadet Program Awards
Section D – Senior Program Awards
Section E – Aerospace Education Awards
Section F – Activity and Service Ribbons
Section G – Special Awards and Honors
Section H – Certificates
Attachment 1 – CAP Awards Covered By Other Directives
5. Eligibility.  A member must be in good standing at the time of the distinguished act and must meet the criteria established for the award.  All award recommendations must be submitted within 2 years of the termination date of the act, achievement or service performed.  Next of kin of deceased persons are entitled to receive awards earned but not presented.
10. Procedures for Recommending Decorations.
a. Who May Initiate Recommendations.  Any CAP member having knowledge of an act or service meriting recognition may initiate a recommendation for an award, except that awards concerning commanders must be initiated at a higher command level or by the appointing authority for CSAG members.
b. How to Initiate Recommendations. UPDATE: Now awards can be recommended using the module in eServices. Go to the Personnel tab on the left side of eServices 2.0 and then click on Award Recommendation. This will automatically forward the recommendation through channels to the approving authority. You can also use this module to place awards you have already earned into eServices by checking the “Historical Award?” box. Then just upload the signed CAPF 120 you received with your award or a photo copy of the signed certificate you received.
CAP Pamphlet 39-3 Awards Made Easy dated June 2010 outlines helpful information you can use when submitting an award recommendation for anyone. Awards Made Easy was developed to assist members at all levels submit the proper paperwork, using appropriate wording and formats to successfully recognize their fellow members for their efforts, hard work and dedication. One of the keys to being successful in obtaining recognition for CAP members or units is preparing an appropriate justification and providing additional documentation, if needed
The guide is made up of various references, many of which you will not use every time and some that you will use each time you write a nomination for an award. Before you use this guide the first time, it is suggested that you go through it and become familiar with the sections that are provided to help you in preparing a nomination for an award regardless of the type. 
It is not mandatory that you use this guide in preparing a nomination, but it is highly suggested that you take the time to write a strong nomination, using some of the tried and true techniques included in this guide, to improve the chances that the award will be approved.
Your unit, Group or Wing Personnel Officer may also be able to assist you if needed.
This suggestion from Capt Dave D’Arcy from his military NCO career:
Personnel Officers please take note.
Encourage supervisors to keep an awards folder on every person in their department.  Every time someone does something good or great (above and beyond) you will have a bullet for an award. In doing this, you will be collecting items of superior performance, that over time could add up to an award nomination.  I served on several awards boards, and bullets that contained what the person did, coupled with quantitative, measurable results, usually where able to be approved as an award.
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