Civil Air Patrol

SAR Academy

Dates: 7 thru 15 August 2020
Location: Fort Custer, Battle Creek, MI 49037
Mission Base/EOC: Fort Custer
Commandant: Lt Col Pam Saile
Questions: Email to They will be directed to the proper staff member.


Please fill out the Fort Custer Base Access Request Form here.

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Thank you for your interest in the 2020 MIWG SAR Academy. It is one of the most physically demanding,
academically stringent, and rewarding activity that Civil Air Patrol has to offer. Whether you are a senior
member or cadet, you will be provided with hands-on SAR, field leadership experience, and survival

This Academy takes place in the wilderness with no modern conveniences available to the students.
Conditions are primitive, with no indoor plumbing and no electricity. Bathing will be provided and will be
available in a Lake. Sleeping will be only in tents, or constructed shelters regardless of the weather
experienced. Weather can be dry or rainy, with temperatures changing from the high 90’s to 40 degrees
within hours. All cell phones will be collected at sign in, and students may only call home in the event of
an emergency. The knowledge that you will gain about yourself, the CAP Emergency Services Program,
and search & rescue will remain with you for the rest of your life.

The Academy is very demanding, both physically and mentally. The curriculum and standards of the
Academy’s training, facilities, and equipment are constantly evaluated for improvements and needed
updates as funding allows. The staff are all volunteers and consist of cadets and senior members. They
will teach and train you for nine full days. You are expected to do your best for those nine days!

2020 SAR Academy Course Packet



To all SAR Academy Students,

Thank you for your interest in the 2020 Michigan Wing Search and Rescue Academy. SAR Academy is designed to help
meet the emergency services mission of Civil Air Patrol by providing better trained and qualified personnel to support
our operational missions.

This booklet explains what is expected of you and provides guidelines for your behavior while at the Academy. We have
high standards of behavior and participation – we expect you to work hard – and have a good time while doing it!
SAR Academy operates in a professional atmosphere while still adhering to military customs. The emphasis is on
emergency services skills with the assumption you’re already knowledgeable in your military skills. We will be guests at
Ft. Custer and as guests on their facility, the behavior of our students will reflect directly on SAR Academy, Michigan
Wing, and Civil Air Patrol. All students are expected to adhere to standards of behavior that will bring credit to our
SAR Academy is a demanding activity. As in actual missions, there are challenges to your endurance and mental problem
solving. It is our intent to help prepare you academically as well as mentally and physically for the challenges that may
await you when you serve others in emergency situations. Please do your part to prepare by drinking more water during
the weeks prior to SAR Academy and meeting the CAP Physical Fitness Category “I – Unrestricted” listed in CAPP 52-18.
If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask. Depending on which course you are participating in, you will have
instructors and a Senior Course Commander. They‘re all willing to help you and answer your questions. As the
Commandant, I am also available if you have a problem or questions that don’t seem to be receiving an answer. Please
remember to start your questions at the lowest level in the chain of command.

SAR Academy will give you a great opportunity to advance your emergency services skills, share/gain knowledge of
emergency services, make lasting friendships with students and staff from across Michigan Wing, and you will probably
have some fun in the process.
Congratulations on choosing to be a part of an excellent Academy! I look forward to meeting you.

Pamela P. Saile, Lt Col, CAP
MIWG SAR Academy

NESA Advanced sUAS (Small Unmanned Aerial System) Course

DATES: 7 thru 15 August 2020
LOCATION: Fort Custer, Battle Creek, MI
Billeting: Barracks for Cadets.  Seniors: Barracks, hotel, or pentagon.
Cost: $65, plus food.

Students will learn how to operate sUAS in a mission oriented environment, with classroom instruction and practical flight training. It is highly recommended for students to have prior experience with flying sUAS before attending the course.  Suggested is at least 2 hours of logged flying.

For successful completion of the course, attendees will graduate with the following:
Non Part 107 Qualified Graduates: 

  • sUAS Technician rating

Part 107 Qualified Graduates: 

  • sUAS Technician rating
  • Form 5U
  • From 91U

If you are interested in this course, please contact
C/2d Lt Liam Hood, CAP, for questions or use the REGISTER NOW link at the top of the page.

C/Capt Michael R. Miller SAR Academy Memorial Scholarship

To apply for the Michael R Miller Scholarship please fill out the attached PDF and follow the application directions.

The C/Capt. Michael R. Miller Search and Rescue Academy Memorial Scholarship was established to assist applicants with the opportunity to better themselves and make a difference in not only their lives, but those of the community. To know Michael was to know that he was a very outgoing, giving young man and his legacy of caring, sharing, and giving will hopefully continue through the works and good deeds of those that receive this scholarship. If you are interested in this scholarship, you are more than welcome to apply. Thank you!

Michael R Miller Scholarship Fillable Application (2020 Final)

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